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Week in Review #28
US Soccer has released the latest Week in Review which can be read here. If you haven't been following this publication you're missing out.  WIR is posted about once a week and features instructional material and videos from MSL games. This week they deal with preventative measures referees can take during set plays like corner kicks.

Referee Abuse
It's a rare occurance, but when it happens you need to know what to do.  If you are involved in a situation that might be Referee Abuse or Assault, please make sure that the entire referee crew complete reports.  The center referee should complete the USSF Supplemental Report and AR's should write down what they witnessed, as well. Read this document for a reminder on report writing.

Training & Development
It's that time of year again already: T & D at the Gaylord Sheppard tournament.  Send an email to Kris and let him know that you would like to participate.  Are you a new referee or just looking to get better?  Either way, this is a great opportunity to get looked at and improve. Most likely the mentoring will be done during the 2nd weekend of the tournament, November 20-21, but depending on demand there could be some mentoring also the weekend before. Don't live in Albuquerque?  Still email Kris, we can work out  the travel and lodging...

Maintenance Assessments
If you are a Grade 5, 6, or 7 Referee make sure you have completed your maintenance assessment for 2010.  Time is running out to get the assessment scheduled before the end of the year.  Remember, try and give your assessor advanced notice since a lot of the assessors also have games scheduled each weekend since they're referees, too!  Email Larry Grimes (SDA) if you have questions about the assessment process.

Tired Yet?

Many of us do several games a week, especially during the fall season.  There are college, high school, youth and adult games that can keep us busy almost seven days a week.  Adding to the already busy schedule is (often times) mandatory meetings and training.  Whew.  Wait, you have a life outside of soccer, too?  Work, family and that little thing called sleep.  Busy doesn't even begin to describe it.  

When you add it all up you can see how easy it is to be tired.  How do we avoid "fallling into a rut" and being lazy on games?  There are a lot of things I've done in the past to keep myself focused as the end of the season winds down but here are a few:

  • Get rest.  I know its not always possible but try and take advantage of the rest days when you get them.  
  • Stay healthy by eating well, hydrating and knowing when to take a break.  Getting rest at the onset of illness will help you recover faster.
  • One game at a time.  If I have a full week of games I try not to think too far ahead.  Just focus on the game today and do your best.
  • Focus.  Remember that although you've done several games this week and you might not think "this game" is important, it is important to the players.  
  • Work on improving.  Bored?  If you are, it will show.  Easier games are a great opporunity to focus on the basics or try a new technique you've learned.   
Hopefully these techniques will help you make it through the end of the season.  Stay in close contact with your assignor and make sure to let him know if there is anything that will prevent you from doing your best on your assigned game.  They don't like people turning back games, but they appreciate the honesty.  Remember how you feel now so that next year when you are giving your availability you don't over extend yourself.
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